Sunday, March 13, 2011

Training, training and more training

Spent the weekend working the dogs in thier various activities.  Friday night Magic and Grace and I went to the run and done.  Magic and I did lots of two step heeling and partying.  I am trying so hard to help him have fun with heeling but so far he still seems to hate it. Grace and I did some rally and ran a novice course.  Grace is so funny. When she remembers she is working she is so cute and happy, but we need to work on duration. So that is what we are trying to do- heel for longer periods without chatter. So far so good. I see some improvement.

Saturday morning the girls, Rinnie and Peace went and were CERFed, both good. Now I need to get the rest of Peaces testing done.  I want to make sure she passes her health clearances before I spay Grace and since Grace is getting older, I figure I better get them done. 

Today Grace and Rinnie went to weight pull practice.  Grace was a silly girl not really wanting to work. Rinnie did OK, but its not her favortie thing to do.  I also did some nosework with Rin in the warehouse.  She liked that much more.

All four dogs got nails and foot hair trimmed.  Magic got a brushing, he is going to an audition tomorrow, so I wanted him to look presentable.  I am a little nervous for that, but he seems OK with the idea.  He also did a little flyball practicing tonight as well.  Gosh he loves balls and retrieving.

A calm steady nice weekend.  I like those.


K-Koira said...

What is the audition for? Good luck with it, sounds like you guys had a busy, fun weekend

Dawn said...

Some work for Target. It was fun and Magic was a good boy, but I dont expect him to get the job. It was for the halloween costumes.