Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flyball and Agility

I just love my dogs.  Magic is doing super in his flyball class.  And Grace had her first agility class since I got sick.  Even though its been weeks she did really well.  On our first run, she got a little zoomie, and did try to cross in front of me and almost knocked me on my butt, which she then proceeded to yell at me for being in her way.  The next run was much better. On our third run, she knocked a bar which honestly is a rarity for her. It was so funny she turned around and looked at it and I swear I heard her mumble WTF.  So we re-did that and she did it clean and very nice. Our last 2 excercises were good as well.  I am starting to get some speed out of her, and we may actually have to think about not having a running contact. She was in the yellow, but for the first time ever she did not run off the frame. But really I am so happy with her.

And nothing against Magic, but I am finding I like agility more with Grace than I did with Magic.  Magic is always so far ahead of me that I wasnt enjoying it as much. Grace runs with me and although I know that means we will have slower runs, I really like playing with her.

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Taryn said...

Your "which she then proceeded to yell at me for being in her way" comment made me laugh. Jimmy yells at me for everything that goes wrong. Whether it was my fault or his, if there's a hitch, he tells me about it at the top of his lungs!