Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am so lucky

to have such a wonderful dog as Magic!  He is my first A dog in every sport we have tried, and so far, other than dock diving, we have done pretty well in them all.

to have a healthy happy family.

to have a job, and a house to live in.

to have the corgi girls, they challenge me and help me become a better trainer.

to wake up to the goofy cockatiel yelling whats a rooster...RR RR  ERRR ER ROOOOO

to have all of my blogger friends, and those of you who have become more than blogger friends.

to have become friends with so many of my puppy owners.  I love you all. 

Thank you!


penni said...

You just put everything in perspective, Dawn. Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

I'm lucky, too. Glasses half full are good. :)