Friday, March 25, 2011

Been a bit lax lately

Winter is just dragging on and on which I think has an effect on my posting.  Been waiting to get some good training time in, but need the sidewalks at least relatively ice free and a temperature in a decent range would also be nice.

Magics flyball class has one more week. He loves it and seems to be doing well.  We need to decide if we are going on. I would like ot but finances are crimped, so we will have to see.  Graces agility is coming along well, I am pretty pleased with her, but I need to get her to understand weaves, and I need a snow free yard to do that.

Siren did some nice work in nosework class last night- a couple of blind (for the handler) finds and she gave a stronger indication than normal which makes me think she is getting more confient with the game. When class was over the instructor wanted to do a little matwork with her pup with some other dog distraction, which was great for Rin. She was really good at not worrying about the other dog, not reacting much at all.  When the stationary location was not an issue for either dog, we did a little heeling work.  The only small reaction she gave was when the pup leaped off the mat to get a treat in her direction, she flinched a little, but recovered well. Which is really great I think and I was almost happy she did get a slight startle as it shows that her confidence is improving.  A year ago that may have provoked a much greater reaction, growling and lunging.  To just startle and then go back to working is a huge improvement. I think its time to start an obedience class with her now.  By the way, her heeling, unlike Magics was so pretty. I just love this dog and really hope i can work her through the fears because she could be my OTCH dog-if David will let me work her that is.

Peace is happily holding down the couch.

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