Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vet visit tomorrow

Magic is going to see a different vet tomorrow.  Its not that I don't trust or like the vet we saw last week, but Magic is very special to me and the wait and see what it does thing makes me really nervous.   I think that this clinic does a fine job, but in truth, I have never been comfortable there.  I am not sure why.  

So yesterday I called a vet I feel very comfortable with.  I sent her pictures of the lump, she did some research about possible causes, and we spoke for a while about what to do.  So Magic is going to go for a visit, where we will evaluate and most likely remove this little lump, before it gets any bigger. Her clinic is about 1.5 hours away, so she has it set up where she can evaluate and if she does think surgery is needed, it can be done tomorrow. 

My biggest concern is that if this were growing could it grow into his nasal cavaties where it would be very difficult to remove.  Most likely it is a small granuloma, nothing major, but if it is cancer, I do not want to give it more time to spread.  I know I am a worry wart, thinking about all the worst case possibilitites.


Jules said...

I think peace of mind is important - especially when it comes to our furry buddies!

penni said...

I would also worry -- I'm glad you are going to see someone who is more proactive.

Jamie B-F said...

i think you're smart to get a 2nd opinion. i truly hope everything ends up okay.