Monday, June 28, 2010

So much to do

Our weekend was super busy. Friday we had the dog show at 830, followed by a vet visit for Magic. Who by the way does have a brain since we saw x-ray documentation of it.  Then up to my mothers to help her sort and organize stuff in preparation for her move.  She is moving in July from her home to a senior apartment. Which is pretty tough on her, really.
Saturday morning, rent a uhaul, haul a bunch of stuff from her house to our house, a bed, couch, all her holiday boxes etc.  Followed by a trip to WI to play with sheepies.  Then next morning, it was into the tub for Peace, since she had to show at 1,stop back at my moms, then home to unload and do the home chores, laundry, weed the garden and so on. Whew!  I am almost glad its monday.

Almost, but not quite.

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Red Dog Mom said...

So, how did playing with sheepies go?