Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plotting and Planning

I am looking at the calendar for the rest of the summer and its really hit me just how busy we are going to be (Blue)and how much busier we could be (black)! And that I need to make some decisions on what I can do and afford!  Plus in the middle of all this my mother sold her home and is moving to an apartment so I will need to mix that in also.

June 25 Cambridge dog show Conformation Peace
June 26 Herding Instinct - WI  All 4
June 27 Cambridge Dog Show Conformation Peace
July 3-5 NSHGC agility trial at Soccer Blast Trial chair and Magic
July 17-18 UKC weight pull, rally, obedience and conformation Lake Elmo  All 4
July 24-25  CPE Agility Zumbro Falls Magic
July 31- Aug 1 APDT Rally Hugo  Magic  and Grace
Aug 6-8 UKC Agil, Obed, Rally in Fort Dodge IA  Magic or Coulee Kennel club conformation? Peace
Aug 14-15 Albert Lea Kennel club conformation  Peace , or CPE in Burnsville Magic
Aug 21-22 APDT Rally Des Moines  OR AKC Obedience in Cambridge  Magic and Grace
Aug 27-29  NSHGC and St Croix Valley conformation  Peace and Grace

That is a lot of trial entries, travel, dogs, fun, expense, headache, planning....

Where are you goin gto be this summer?

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Anonymous said...

I get to stay home all summer. Not much happens in the Southwest in the summer, nobody wants to play when it is over 100 for days on end. My only show is my KC in N. Cal (Long story about why my all breed Kennel Club membership is with a N. Cal club) the 1st part of August but I fly in for that one with no dogs.