Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mid Year Goal review

Time to evaluate where we are at for our 2010 goals.

Peace originally I had 0 goals for Peace for this year. that has changed to getting her UWP. 1 leg earned so far.

Grace her goal for the year was to get back to agility class.  We are doing this. In addition, I guess she also is going to earn her UWP this year. 2 legs earned so far.

Siren's goal was to start obedience training. This goal has not been met yet. We have played around a bit, but not what I would call training.  Based on Siren's refusal to work for David  at the weight pull, I am wondering if I should not be working with her at all.  I need to re-evaluate this and have a serious discussion about her training, or lack of with Dave.

Magic's goal was to work on weight pull, earning an ARCH and working towards a CDX.  We have been working on all of these, but I now need to get more focused on the obedience stuff.

Overall, I am happy with our progress so far this year, but now need to get more focused on daily training time with the dogs.   I think as usual it will be Magic who gets the most focus as most of my goals always seem to relate to him.   Poor guy!

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