Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grace - Herding

How dare this ram leave the group. She will get him back where he belongs.

Grace is my most interested dog.  She was horrible waiting her turn. She whines, barks, leaps and makes a fool of herself in her eagerness.  She pulled her way into the ring and went to work.  I do think this is her calling. And I do think I need to find a way to make herding part of our training program.


penni said...

Of course Grace can herd. She's been in charge of everything for so long -- this is just one more step in the executive chain.

Red Dog Mom said...

I'm not in the least bit surprised. Ra always had a lot of instinct too but, not much bidability - plus she thought herding should be done as fast as possible. Not exactly the point of herding. So, we've switched to agility where she can go as fast as she wants to and we're both happier.

Jules said...

Very cool! It looks like you had fun with all your dogs trying out herding.