Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Flower

Last week and this week are a bit hectic, so its been hard to get any stitching done. But I was able to get the last few hex on this one today.  I like orange.

It is a little odd looking because laying in the daylilly bed I couldn't get it flat, but I liked the contract between the bright orange and white and the dark green leaves.  Its not really as oddly shaped as it looks!

With 3 days of dog shows this weekend and miles and miles of driving I don't know if I will get a whole flower done, but I will try.  If you see me stitching at the dog show,  come over and chat with me while I do.


Crystal said...

Love this! Orange is my favorite color- and this pattern is really cool. It's been a long time since I've done any sewing, and I miss it. I love quilting.

Sherilyn said...

Very pretty! I'm envious of your talent! :)

Karen said...

Your flower looks wonderful and I love the orange too!

Theresa said...

Beautiful - orange is one of my favourite colours.