Sunday, September 13, 2009

Todays show

First let me say sorry, I didn't post all the winners from yesterday- BOB was Emily and Picasso, and BOS was Barb and Molly. Emily also picked up a group 4 yesterday.

Today at the RMKC show BOB- Emily and Picasso, WD - Mike and Norman, WB, BOW & BOS was Peace for another point. One more to go.

The Wright County Kennel Club show in Hutchinson is coming up, closes this week. Personally I would love to see us come up with a nice large entry since on Sunday we will have a breeder judge, Leah James. So anyone looking to travel a little, Minnesota in the fall is beautiful- come visit.

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penni said...

Peace is so close -- that's great news! It sounds like a nice little show and an overall good weekend.