Friday, September 25, 2009

Fur Flyin'

AARG! Wouldn't you know it, we are a week away from our next dog show. You know the one where I was praying we could pick up that last point.  Well guess who will be nekkid as a newborn by then.  Last night when I got home I reached down to give little miss Peace a cuddle, and handfuls of hair just sort of blew out. It was like a hair tornado! My vacuum can't even keep up.  Ok maybe a bit of an exageration, but honestly my pant legs were red.   Dang it.


penni said...

How do they know? But they do. Maybe you can puff up what's left just before ring time.

Sherilyn said...

Oh NO! They do know how to time things, don't they? Brings back memories of Emmy going to Nationals (the last 2 years!) in her string bikini, or last November, when we worked together to build the major. She has a habit of blowing all her hair (and I mean ALL!) the week before she shows. I swear they wait until we send in the entries, then laugh as the hair falls out! Grrrrrr!!

Here's hoping she can keep enough hair to show and win! She's a very pretty girl! :) Best of luck to you next weekend!