Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Curtains for a soccer field

Someday I need to learn to keep my thoughts to myself and not be so willing to help out. Many of the local clubs here in Minneapolis have their summer agility trials at the indoor soccer fields. Its a great venue, enough crating room, cool and comfortable with A/C. The facility has 2 fields with a bleacher section in the middle. However, the inside of the field is walled with glass. All of the clubs cover the glass for dog agility, often with paper, or tarps or even sheets hung over the wall. Which really isn't a problem, but paper tears, it has to come off between the trails and of course we often run out and wind up using other things. So smart me, at our clubs event, I made the smart statement that you know, it wouldn't be hard to make a re-usable curtain. Cheap muslin, some velcro and there you go. So now, I am making some soccer field curtains. OK, its really not a difficult project, but it is time consuming. I have to make 4 curtains for sure, 2 @ 28 feet long, and 2 @ 40 feet long. Possibly another 2 depending on how far around the field they want to go. The curtain itself is pretty easy, but all the tabs that will be needed to attach the curtain to the cable is the time consuming part. I calculated I need 54 tabs, all with velcro sewn on. Each tab is 1 inch wide, by 3 inches long, and it feels like they are taking me forever. I am only about half done with the tabs, not including attaching the velcro.
So, if I disappear for a while, come find me I may be lost somewhere under yards of muslin!


Jules said...

I wondered what that meant in your previous post. :-) That's very generous of you!

penni said...

Boy do you get the Good-Guy Award. That's a big job and lots of folks in your area should be thanking you.

We also have an indoor soccer arena which we used once for a trial, but preventing dogs from peeing on the field was a nightmare -- we got through two whole days, and during the awards at the end of the second day, a Rottie squatted. We lost out $500 deposit and the organizers decided we'd not try again.

Sharrie said...

Wow! That is a gigantic task. You must be some kind of a saint. They are very lucky to have someone who is willing to tackle a job like that!