Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to training

A while back I listed some training plans, and then life got in the way, and training sort of stopped. Well, really completely stopped, truth be told. So now that I have the (neverending)curtains done, I hope to get back to some training. Maybe I will be better at it if I set some goals?
So, Grace is going to finish her RA and her UKC RL1by the end of the year. Siren is going to attempt pre-novice sometime before the end of the year. (OK, honestly, I am not expecting success, just an attempt.) Magic will try to finish his UKC RL1. Peace gets a break as I really would just be happy finishing her Ch this year. She will work on not racing around the ring, some slower speed would be nice for her.

Can it be done, sure, will it? Time will tell.


penni said...

Yes, we can!

Lani said...

Good luck & keep us posted!