Monday, September 21, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Everyone needs a totally lazy weekend occasionally right? Well, I know I did. The dogs lazed around, and so did the people. I did a few errands, things that you know just need to be done, but nothing exciting. I did pick up a few more grapes at the farmers market and made some grape jam. The smell of grape jam is just so wonderful, I wish my house smelled like that all the time. I refuse to use the massive amounts of sugar that these recipes call for, so I usually use much less. It means my end result is less firm, but it is way more fruity. I put a few things on the dehydrator, but also really lazily. Lazy relaxing. Wish I could have a whole week of doing nothing.


penni said...

There is nothing better than a weekend that is totally blank on the calendar. It sounds like you made good use of it.

Sherilyn said...

Gotta love those free weekends! I cherish them, but usually end up finding something that we just "have" to do! LOL Glad you had a good one! :)

Sarah said...

ahh, lazy weekends! I hardly remember them {g}. This weekend was kind of a freebie since my rescue transport got canceled. I cleaned out my breezeway (ugh) and it felt great to throw away so much junk!

Glad you enjoyed the downtime. :-)