Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Agility tonight

Tonight Magic and I had a really good night! We nailed the course the first time, with only one not so pretty cross, that although ugly, we made work. The second time through I overthought it and really mucked it up, but thats OK. We had 2 successful teeters, so hopefully teeter fear is over and done with. We had 2 sets of 12 weaves, popped the 10th pole the second time, but I think it was because he knew that the tunnel was coming so was taking the short cut. And we nailed every contact tonight even though he was running with speed. Yeah!
Unfortunately, it was our last class for a few months. We will be able to go back to agility this winter though. It was good to end class on a good note. Maybe we will try to get in a trial or two during the class hiatus, just so we dont totally lose what we have learned.

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Jules said...

Congrats on a great class. that is always such a nice feeling!