Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peace update

Thanks everyone for the good wishes for Peaceful. Peace is doing well. She is not pleased with the cone though, and still cannot manage to move around without crashing into things, or just into the ground when she insists on sniffing while moving. But her wound so far is doing good. Unfortunately we do not know where this dog came from. We are looking around, but no luck so far. To be on the safe side, she is getting her booster shots a couple of months early, she is not due until early September, but I would rather be careful.
Last night was quite humorous for us though. Peace was in the big kennel in the living room, and apparently decided the bedding was not in order. She scratched around for a while until she got up a big enough hump that she could get ahold of it with her mouth. Next thing, she has the blanket inside the cone, covering her face, with her nose pointed to the ceiling, banging around the crate. When she finally dropped her nose down, and the blanket fell out of the cone, she promptly laid down on it, so maybe it worked just like she wanted! But it was sure funny from the outside.


penni said...

I'm glad she's alright -- and that there's some humor in all this for you. I hope you find the owner of the attacking dog.

Jules said...

Too bad you didn't catch that on video - it does sound funny.

How long until the dreaded cone is off?

Sherilyn said...

LOL I can just picture her doing that! So glad she's feeling better, and hope the owner of the other dog will step forward, shame on them!

Keep us posted...keeping that pretty little girl in our prayers for a full recovery.