Friday, July 24, 2009

Last nights second guest

Wishes is visiting with us for a couple of weeks. We love Wish, she is the sweetest girl. Unfortunately, she is part of the invalid crew, having broken her foot last weekend.

She is doing well, and her and Peace are spending time hanging out with Kazin, and the other 3 are spending time together. We keep rotating the groups into the main family areas.

Peace had her drain tube removed today, but the stitches are starting to itch. She woke me up last night scratching at her cone, so I am thinking she will be wearing it a while longer. I am thinking this is so cute, her girl, Brenna and her girlfriends signed Wishes cast.


Garrett808 said...

Wow you have like a 'rehab' clinic all for yourself :) Its great to see photos of Wishes and that she has a great home with kids that love her :)

the Corgi Girls said...

Too cute to sign the cast!

Sarah said...

Shoot, if it's not one thing, it's another. I wonder what your neighbors think, when they see that crew! ;-P