Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Garden

This is the tomato side of the garden. We have gotten about a dozen so far. Some big, some small. Yum.

I am really happy with our garden this year. Last year it was fallow for the year. The pups came in the beginning of May and then my father in law became ill and passed away, so we just did not get it planted in time. I did go down occasionally and add compost. I am thinking that the year off was a really good thing. We are getting so many beans that we

can't eat them all. I may research canning some, as the ones a I froze the year before we didn' t much like after freezing. Maybe I will try dehydrating some?


Kim said...

Everything is about to explode here in Seattle, especially since it's gonna hit 100 several days this week. What was I thinking planting 60' of green bean rows? I think we are going to attempt pickled green beans.

Sherilyn said...

Very nice looking garden! Yummmmmmmmmm!!!