Monday, July 6, 2009

Teeter work

Magic and I went back to agility class last Wednesday. We need to fix the teeter issue. I spoke to Michelle about it and we decided that we are going to approach the issue of his teeter fear, by not letting him do the teeter. So first I took him to the teeter in leash, and stepped 2 feet on the bottom, rewarded like crazy and lifted him off. Just once. Then we went and waited our turn to run the course, with the teeter near the middle. We ran the course, Magic got to the teeter faster than I did, and bailed after 2 steps. I went back and asked him for it again, he ran on I quick swooped in and gave him lots of treats and picked him off. Did that about 3 times, set him down on the ground after the teeter and finished the course. Second run through, and we are going to start at the teeter, I pick him up and put him on the down side of the teeter, right at ground level, reward and start our run. Last run through of the night was a course with the frame to a tunnel, then jump to either weaves or teeter. Magic wanted to go to the teeter, Magic tried to go to the teeter, I had to call him off the teeter 3 times to get through the weaves. HMM, this sure seems to be working in his head, as that teeter sure was calling him. Now, of course he hasn't done the whole thing, becasue I wont let him, but the feet are sure pulling that way after just one class. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

As for me, Michelle was trying to teach the class a blind cross. I could not do it on the course. I just could not do it. It is so much easier than a FC, and yet I could not do it. What the heck. I am so glad we went back to class, I need it so badly.

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Jules said...

Sounds like a good plan to build teeter drive. It soudns like a good class.