Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mad dogs, Mad Mom, Goofy Grace

Well I was partially right. Only 2 dogs got baths last night, Magic and Peace. My back would only handle the 2. Magic wasn't too upset, he pretty much goes with the flow. Peace was a very good girl during her bath and grooming, but the little shit, she conned David into letting her outside and she rolled in the dirt. Damp dog + dry black dirt dust=grey dog. Little brat will probably have to have another bath! I will see how much of the greyness is still there Friday and decide.
Grace though was very funny, she really is a smart girl and clearly understands that baths means going to the dog show. First she ran to the tub hopped in and waited for her turn. After I took her out twice, and locked her out of the bathroom, she went and sat ON the grooming bag. Apparently someone wants to go too. Good thing she is completely naked, or I would enter her just because she guilts me into it. She is a wonderful dog, but darn she has a mind of her own!


Janet said...

ok - looks like Grace got the "show" gene that Scout missed out on. Or at least part of it. Scout seems to know that showing is her job and she enjoys being in the ring, but she would enjoy it alot more if it didn't involve all that bathing and grooming stuff.

penni said...

The "go" dogs are so much fun. Grace must be close to ready for some companion event so she can go too.

Fortunately after mine have a bath, they roll on the living room rug instead of the dirt (usually). At Chase's very first show weekend, he found a hole full of muddy water on Saturday and I had to rebathe and groom him for Sunday -- baddog!

Sherilyn said...

LOL Grace is just too funny! :) Gotta love that attitude!