Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grace = Guilt

OK, even naked I guess Grace should get to go to the dog show, since the rest of the corgi family is. Since UKC shows allow day of event entries, I told Grace last night that if she is a good girl she can go to the show on Sunday and do some Rally. Gosh I hope I can make all these events work together. UKC shows are usually pretty laid back and the clubs both state they will work with conflicts as much as possible. I hope so, because I truly have expectations of having to be in 3 places at once. It might be a circus though. Saturday we will have Magic doing both Rally and the weight pull, and both Peace and Siren in conformation. Then Sunday will be Magic and Grace in Rally, Magic in family obedience and Peace in conformation. Those who know me, can vouch for the fact that I am a little (or a lot) nuts, but I do like to keep busy! I did want to see if Talie wanted to go show this weekend too, but I honestly don't think I can fit another dog in! Sorry Talie, I will take you to the next one, OK?


penni said...

Oh, crazy-person have a fun time. I'm so glad her highness gets to go as well!

Sherilyn said...

Good luck!! :) Go Grace!!!