Monday, July 27, 2009

Review of the years goals

Well more than half the year has passed, so I think its time to revisit my goals for the year.
First, my non dog goal was to knit socks. Well, I am not done, being a very slow knitter, but I am working on them, I have started the heel on the first sock.
For the dogs, I had hoped to meet the following goals:

Magic - Goal was to earn a couple of agility titles -to date this year -AKC NJP, NA, Nadac NJC
Additionally he earned his UKC UWP, and FO titles
Grace - Goal was to finish her UKC championship and her AKC RA - to date this year - UKC Championship earned, but still need to go to an AKC rally trial
Peace - Goal was to enjoy her times in the show ring, and pick up a few wins - to date this year - Peace has 5 points toward her AKC ch and has earned her UKC CH including a Best in Show win.
Siren - Goal was to start working towards performance - to date this year - we have done some training, but not enough.

OK, not too badly done so far, considering the financial issue. We haven't been able to attend as many events or training opportunities as I had desired. So for the rest of the year I think Magic will be done trialling, except for limited events. Grace will need to go try to finish her RA- maybe in Rochester? Peace will continue to show toward her AKC Ch, Lake Elmo and maybe Rochester? Siren, well I think I will really begin to work with her, just need to put together a plan.

I am pretty proud of all Magic and I have done, its been quite a variety, and its been wonderful. For my first cardigan, I couldnt have asked for a better boy, but i need to start working with the rest of the crew.

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penni said...

I think you're missing a few hours in the day, Dawn. I don't know the secret for getting extra time either. So, things go slowly sometimes. But you've accomplished so much and it's only the end of July -- definitely not a failure.