Monday, August 16, 2010

UKC Top Ten

OK, this really is not a huge brag or anything. I just thought it was kind of funny how so many dogs were tied for 9th place! The funny part is the numbers behind the owner name are the number of breed points!  As you can see there are not many cardis in UKC!  However, Peace is the only one with a performance title.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

01. GRCH Corwynt Tayken Timberline Jett Sylvia Brownlee 43

02. GRCH'PR'Benever's No Turning Back Carol Kasabian 11

03. CH Benever's Herring Cove William Maxim 10

04. CH'PR'Benevers What Was I Thinkin Carol Kasabian 9

05. CH'PR'Benever I Wanna Talk About Me Carol Kasabian 6

05. CH Ula Mauna Hot Lickity Lips Kathryn Tanguay 6

07. CH'PR'Benever's Our Song Carol Kasabian 5

07. CH Suncliffe Truro @ Winddancer Mary Detoma 5

09. CH Corwynt Tayken Black Diamond Sylvia Brownlee or Michael Mac Leod 3

09. CH Tartanwyn's Princess Fiona Teresa K Kannard 3

09. UWP CH Daybreake's Peaceful Dreams Dawn Fisher 3

09. CH Laughing Dawg's Silver Nutmeg Teresa K Kannard 3

09. CH Laughing Dawg's Saigon Cinnamon Teresa K Kannard or Andrea M Riley 3

Note- I had entered Grace and Peace in conformation at the events with weight pulls as we were trying for them both to receive a total dog award. but Grace has yet to beat Peace, so only Peace earned a total dog award. . And now they are both primarily done with weight pulling so other than if we go to a show where there may be other cardigans working toward a grand they are both done in conformation.  If anyone is going to Gateway please let me know. We would love to try for her Grand.

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