Tuesday, August 24, 2010


David and Siren have been going to nosework class for a month now. Well David has been going for a month.  Siren was in season and missed a couple of classes, but she practiced at home anyways.  Its really been fun to watch them progress in thier relationship with each other.  Siren seems to really enjoy finding food in the boxes.

It's kind of funny to see the optimism in the 2 cardis in class. Both of them will search the boxes to find the treat, eat the treat and tehn continue to search, even though there has never been more than one box with a treat at a time.  When it comes to food, I guess a second look is warranted!   Its been fun to be in a class with another cardi, its so rare for us.  Its been kind of fun to see that Lynn's Libby and Siren do some things very much alike.  Libby loves to work with Lynn, you can see it in her eye.  I like Tuesday evenings, cant wait for tonights class.

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