Saturday, August 7, 2010

UKC Agility

Magic and I are having a great time at the agility trial in Fort Dodge, IA.  There are 2 trials each day and we were able to run in both Agility 1 and Agility 2.  2 was up first. The unique obstacles in 2 were the pause box, the crawl tunnel, the sway bridge the plank bridge and a couple of different jumps, a picket fence, log pile and  and a flower box jump.  I was worried that Magic would be confused by these, but they are set up between standards so they did look like jumps and really were not an issue.  The crawl tunnel was a bit confusing, having to duck and go under, but we did practice this at home a bit last week and it carried over fine.  The pause box was not a problem either. So he got q's and first places in both of those runs, but to be fair, being in the A class there was only a couple of dogs.
Then we had Agility 1, where the only odd obstacle was the hoop tunnel. Well he has run through hoops for NADAC, so this was just like several hoops together, and no problem at all. We did not Q our first run though, coming down the A frame Magic kind of stumbled and went down on his nose right at the base of the frame, which kind of flustered me, and I missed the next obstacle which was the table. He did have a bit of slipping issues today. It has been a while since he has run on wood, all the local clubs in Mpls now seem to have rubber surfaces, so that was a bit of a change for him.  The next level 1 run was great though, no slipping and we Q'd again with a first.
Its been really fun to watch the new dogs, several were seeing this equipment for the first time, but all of them pretty much adapted well. The crawl tunnel is I think so far the hardestfor them. Looking forward to tomorrow to see what else new and fun we can do.


penni said...

Great job -- and it sounds like so much fun. QQQQQQ

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Sounds like fun!!!

Jules said...

Congratulayions! I think it is impressive he adapted so quickly to the different equipment and obstacles.