Thursday, August 5, 2010

UKC Agility

So, with a UKC agility trial in just a couple of days, David and I decided to try to create some version of a few of the more unusual obstacles.  Of course money being tight right now, we cobbled together some cheap, but rather effective obstacles.  For the hoop tunnel, a few hula hoops tied together, for the table jump table a couple of old folding tables laying on the ground. and for the crawl tunnel, a pvc frame covered by a blanket.  So far, the hoop tunnel is no problem, of course this is much shorter than a real one, but he seemed to go all the way through.  The table jumps, well, he would rather just go jump than to have to sit, but we might have a chance if he decides to actually listen to me tell him to sit when in a real trial situation. The crawl tunnel well, at 8 inches is not easy for Magic, but hs is starting to understand the idea of going under the tunnel. Tonight we are going to the local park to play on the sway bridge.  Maybe, just maybe we can pull out 1 Q.....

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