Sunday, August 8, 2010

AG1 & AG2!

Magic did great this weekend and I was really proud of him. 7 Q's out of 8 runs, and 2 new titles- AG1 and AG2.  Yeah.   Denise's Klee Kai's, Pixie and Kiki also earned AG1 titles. Klee Kais are very different than cardigans, but they were fun to trial and travel with. I thought the cardigans made interesting noises, Kiki and Pixie have a whole different set of vocal skills.

UKC agility is very novice handler friendly and I really would recommend it to most everyone. There were several new to agility competors and they all seemed to have a great time, and who also earned a first agility title. The club down in IA held a really great trial-friendly, fun 1st place awards, new title medallions and just overall a really fun atmosphere. I am tired but very happy and relaxed.  I needed a great weekend like this one.

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Taryn said...

WooHoo! Sounds like a fun weekend! Congrats!