Friday, March 19, 2010

Weight pull tomorrow

Well it should be interesting.  Since the harness came I thought maybe I should actually have Magic give it a try.  Well, lets hope at the trial he has a bit more entheusiasm. He was completely lazy last night.  OH No, too heavy gonna lay down.  Guys, it was the empty cart.   I guess I need to go to Macs tonight and bring home a cheeseburger for Saturdays pull treat. He WILL work for a cheeseburger- at least he laways has in the past. My gosh I have to bribe my dog.


penni said...

all bribe our dogs -- don't feel guilty. Perhaps when he gets in the middle of the show crowds he'll come to life.

Good luck and have a great time.

Sherilyn said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hopefully the cheeseburger will work magic with Magic!:)

Sharrie said...

Please be sure that you take some pictures. I would love to see Cardis pulling! My arm is kind of tired right now from "cardi pulling".