Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thoughts on Magic

I debated all day today about doing an ad in the Cardigan handbook for Magic.  The rising stars theme just seemed to me to scream Magic. Even though he hasn't earned bunches of upper level titles yet, he has the ability, and I think those will come.  He has oodles of titles to show his versatility. But I decided not to. He is a great dog, but I guess I would rather spend that money in more classes or trial for us, than to advertise a fluffy, neutered boy. After all its not about the titles, it's the journey together.

I got the pictures from the photographer who was at the APDT trial.  She did a great job getting some really nice working pictures of the boy. There were even a few where he is IN heel position, paying attention and looking happy. Nice to see. Sometimes I wonder when we are doing obedience if he really likes it, but in looking at the bunches of pictures Laurie took, he looks happy.  He looks most happy in the level 3 pictures. Maybe he really prefers the challenge of those harder exercises?

On the other hand I am having a really hard time with him on the bow and the head down exercse from our class this week.  Those have not clicked yet.


dreameyce said...

If I had the budget for it right now I'd put an ad in for Galaxy, for fun/sentiment, and to support the club. I just can't justify it this time around since she has no official titles yet, and I'm paying for the daycare out of pocket while I'm in school, so should be saving money towards student loans, and not spending it on dog ads ;0P

I vote put an ad in, so we can all drool! Hopefully in 2 years you'll see my dogs in there too! (Can't wait for school to be over, and the economy to pick back up!)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I still have a really hard time with getting Lance to bow. I just can't tell if he's doing it and it looks really awkward. He kind've has one but it's not one of our better tricks.

For the head down trick I lured at first and then switched to free shaping. But if you are having problems I know one method (haven't tried it) is to work on having the dog target your palm low to the ground. you can have your hand just hovering above the ground so in order to nose your palm the dog has to rest his head on the floor.