Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Harness

Magics weight pull harness finally arrived.  It fits wonderfully.  In fact it fits all the dogs, even Kazin. Every dog wore it for a while last night.  Kazin thought I was killing him.  Siren forgot how to work her legs and totally lost her ears. Peace looked at me, looked at the harness hanging behind her all worried until I offered a cookie and suddenly the harness was just fine. Grace just gave me her "you have got to be kidding" look, which by the way is not too different from her "get bent" look. Magic though, seemed to smile.
Saturday we are ready!


penni said...

Weight pull sounds like so much fun. Unfortunately, we don't have much UKC activity down here. There is a club and as it is built up, I'm hoping my guys will have the opportunity to try weight pulling. Have fun this weekend!

Sherilyn said...

Good luck and have fun! :)