Sunday, March 21, 2010

Todays weight pull-caution, not a pretty picture

Thanks for the nice comments yesterday.  Today Magic pulled 521 and then I withdrew him. Now thats not horrible or anything, but I know he can go higher if he would just try. It did earn another 10 points toward his championship.

The new harness is just too wide in front and between his legs, so he cannot get comfortable and is trying to pull with one front leg off the ground. Not the best plan. So we will get a different harness.  I am going to order another one tomorrow. Narrower for my narrow boy.

The hero of the pull today had to have been Casenova the Papillon.  This little guy was the smallest dog pulling today, weighing in at just over 7 pounds.  He pulled over 400 which is 63 times his body weight.  63 times! That was the largest percentage over bodty weight of all the dogs there. He was simply a beast today.

Now, other than my huge rear- anyone notice whats wrong in the picture below?


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

sorry for the disappointment but at least the day wasn't a total lost and I'm sure Magic had fun too.

Good luck in finding another harness!

Holly said...

Weight pulling sounds like fun. I am sure Magic will do better with the new harness. I am impressed by the Pap!

Jules said...

At least the weekend wasn't a complte bust. You got some championship points and figured out the harness doens't work for Magic. Will you be able to do an even exchange? I hope so!