Monday, March 15, 2010

Lazy trainer, busy crafter, garden plans

OK, so it was a beautiful weekend, and other than one short walk with the dogs, I basically did nothing dog related.  The dogs spent the weekend working on venison leg bones and trying to break into them enough to get to the marrow. Diligent hard working dogs that I have, they were very successfull, and my livingroom floor is littered with split leg bones.

I on the other hand, spent large chunks of the weekend sewing.  I have a 9 month mystery quilt project that we are on month 6 in receiving the instructions.  I, on the other hand had not completed month one, prior to the weekend.  I am now almost done with month 3, have about half of month 4 done, and a bit of month 5.  The nice thing about being behind, you can combine some work on the cutting and piecing to what makes sense, rather than smaller portions at a time.  The bad part is that I have 27 blocks to complete. But my goal is to get them done this week. As of last night I had 3 blocks totally completed from month 4 I think.

I think with spring around the corner, more daylight and actual sun instead of clouds, spring is on the way.  I am getting some tomato seeds from a fellow blogger, Danni at On the Way to Critter Farm.   That, and a walk past the garden, has me thinking about garden planning, although here in Minnesota it will be a bit longer before I can get too much going.  But, I do plan this week to test the bean seeds I kept from last years garden, so see if they sprout for me.  I have always bought seeds so this was a first.  I will limit my beans this year though- they sort of took over the garden last year, and we wasted wquite a bit as we didnt get them all picked timely.  I dont have a pressure canner and have not had much luck with frozen green beans so we only ate them fresh. Well, except for the few I pickled.


Crystal said...

Oooh the mystery quilt sounds fun! I love sewing!!

Janet said...

Your post gave me a thought. Wonder how many in our blogging community are quilters/sewers? We could do our own mystery quilt project. Everyone makes say a 12 inch square of their own choosing. We put it together - maybe have a long weekend quilting party, and put it for auction for rescue and/or corgiaid?