Monday, March 29, 2010

Trick Training

So Magics last trick/acting class is next Thursday and for "graduation" he needs to show off a trick that he has learned outside of the class.  The trainer also wants us to have the trick include more than one action if possible.  So Magic and I spent the weekend trying out several different things to see if we could come up with something to show.  Let me just mention that I SUCK as a trainer, so any failures are all my fault.

First I though maybe I could have him put a can in the recycle bin. That would be useful around the house too. Nope, the sound of cans dropping into the recycle bin sort of freaked him out.   He will pick up and carry a soda can crushing and puncturing it- think that could be his trick, the soda can crusher? No, I didnt think so either. And really our recycle can is a bit high for him to easily drop things in. (I know I can amend it for the trick, so maybe)

Then since I have a cold and was going through kleenex at an alarming rate, I thought maybe I could teach him to get me a kleenex. (selfish I know) Well that was fun, but many, many kleenex were harmed in the making of that trick. As in the 4 dogs managed to shred not 1 but 2 large boxes over the course of the weekend when I in my illness daze managed to leave them unattended.

So now, I have changed my focus and we are working on a couple of new ideas. Since it was so nice outside yesterday, we went outside and started to work on riding the skateboard.  Then inside I started working on a food retrieve. ( I planned on using a hotdog, but was out so used string cheese instead.) Magic will take and hold the cheese, but won't pick it up off the floor yet.  Not sure why, but we are working on that now.  I am going to get some hotdogs today and train with those tonight.

Oh yeah, and I also picked up an easter basket for Magic. He will pick it up and carry it, but often forgets to use the handle. We are working on that as well.

I know it sounds like we have been all over the place, but you can train a lot in short 3 minute bursts. Other than tossing in some obedience work, I havent been doing mutliple things in one session. So although Magic got about 6 short sessions yesterday, each one worked only one trick.

I sure hope he is having some fun with this, I know I am.


Red Dog Mom said...

When Sam did the shoot for PH, what they really needed was for him to enter through a door and hit a mark on the floor. So maybe you could teach - "Strike a Pose?"

penni said...

I know you'll get Magic to do something fun for his final.

I want mine to return toys to the toy box. My life would be so much easier (and my house would be much safer). It resembles putting cans in the recycle bin. When you get that one figured out, please blog a step-by-step about training this task.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

i'm glad you're having so much fun learning tricks!

if you really like the recycling idea you can start with paper balls... but really i like all of the tricks you mentioned! it's so much fun to have different tricks you can jump to and work on!