Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nosework class

I really enjoyed taking Siren to her class last night.  She is a very determined little worker, and in general is pretty good about working her areas.  Last night she only had trouble with one find, and I am not so sure she didnt know where it was, but just felt like continuing to work. She is quite funny, Rin has a very gay tail that curls up over her back. The whole time she is scenting, that tail is going, but when she finds the  scent the tail stops and goes right up over her and its almost like she is pointing out the scent.  Its really quite cute.


Jules said...

It sounds like both of you had fub.

penni said...

The tail change would be considered the sign of an "alert" if she was a working drug dog. She might have a new career available!