Friday, September 24, 2010

Grace, Fall Harvest

OH my gosh was she a poop last night.  We missed agility class the last 2 weeks due to work issues.  You would have thought she had never been to a class before. Her weaves were gone. GONE! She would take the dogwalk going one way, but not the other. She had zoomies and tried to play you can't catch me.  What a stinker!! On the other hand, I think now our instructor understands when I say I cant trust her. She does make life interesting.  LOL!

I love fall. I love the fall harvest and have been busy saving the season. Now I am working on apples. Since I only have an hour or so each evening, I have been canning just a couple of things a night.  Last night was 2 quarts of wedges for pies, the night before 3 pints of slices. Before that applesauce and our family favorite grapplesauce (grape applesauce).  Tonight I have to give 2 dogs baths, so I may not have time, but if I do I would like to get a couple of trays of slices on the dehydrator. Which should use up the apples I have, then tomorrow we can send Darryl out to get more, while Dave and I are at the dog show.  And maybe more grapes if he can get them.  And maybe more canning jars too.  Have a great weekend!

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