Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Magic Update

Well the report came back from the pathology. They are calling Magic's issue as Histiocytosis, probably at this point the reactive type. The vet suggested the. UC Davis Website for information. 

From reading this site and others, it does seem like at this point reactive histiocytosis fits his symptoms, as the most recent huge lump is now receding.  I do have more questions for my vet, but I am in the process of creating a list at this point.  I think though that we are going to start keeping track of things to see if we can poinpoint what is causing the reactions. it seems like the last one started right after he got his monthly heartworm meds. Coincidence? Probably, but its going to bug me so I will need to really track this.

I will try to post a new picture of Magics much smaller lump tonight.


Jules said...

Yay! Wonderful news! Yay!

Ike had a histiocytoma a few years ago. Because we were unsure what it was the vet recommended removing it - it was on his foot near his pad and was a BEAR to heal. Ike is NOT a good patient.

I think keeping a day-to-day record of Magic is a great idea. B/c Ike is treated homeopathically I do that with him and it can be very helpdful.

I am so glad it is already receding. What a huge relief!

Red Dog Mom said...

Moira had a histiocytoma on her ear about a year and a half ago. Came up very quick and we opted to remove it because we weren't really sure what it was. From my reading at that time, I seem to recall that it is a condition that most frequently occurs in dogs around 2-4 years old - once they get past that age the occurrence goes down. What a relief that Magic's was something fairly benign.

Taryn said...

Glad to hear it is regressing!

Holly said...

What good news!