Saturday, September 11, 2010

Champion Music! and Magic update

Just got home from Magics vet visit to a great message.  Music finished his championship down in Des Moines today.  I am so happy for Joyce! 

Magic had 3 punch biopsies done on his nose today.  He is a little bit groggy stil.  He has 3 little pink cross stitches in pink on his nose. Quite stylish.   Now we wait for the pathology.  Both the vet and I agree if this one is not cancerous like the others we will leave it alone, as it is so large she is concerned about having enough remaining skin after removal. Plus, as they grew back so quickly, but have now seemed to stop growing, there is no guarantee that another wouldnt re-appear. So now we wait.


Jules said...

Positive energy to Magic. I pray the biopsies will be clean.

Congratulations to all on Music's good news!

penni said...

Congratulations on Music's championship -- please pass it on to Joyce.

Poor little Magic -- I hope the biopsy results are clear.

Baledwr said...

Yay for Music, pass the congrats to Joyce!

keep us updated on Magic, poor thing.

Traci said...

yea... what they said!

Sherilyn said...

Congrats on Music's new title! It was a fun weekend...missed you there!

Poor Magic...will keep him in my prayers that it comes back benign!