Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Vet visit yesterday

On the way to the vet with Magic yesterday my wonderful little red corgimobile came up lame. So I have a lame car and a lame dog!  Actually what happened was the water pump siezed, which snapped the belt, which in turn took out the power steerng hose.  Fortunately we were only 2.5 blocks from home. Magic is still favoring his leg, but not nearly as much so I let him walk home with me. The walk did not seem to cause any further pain as he was still moving without showing constant signs of pain last night. 

I do think he only strained something at agility last Friday and is naturally healing, but I am still making him live in jail and rest, and once the car is fixed, he will be going to the chiro just to make sure he is all in order.

As for the car- although it wouldnt start again right after the big blow, when Darryl got home we went over and it did start so we wrestled it down to the station and they will look at it tomorrow or Friday. At least no tow fee!


penni said...

Dawn, you really are on a roll (of sorts). I hope your life straightens out soon.

Jules said...

Dawn! You are having a ridiculous run of bad luck. Things can only get better! I am glad Magic seems to be improving. That is good news.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Yikes! I had a leaky water pump not long ago but fortunately it didn't blow and take other stuff with it!