Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy UKC?

UKC has now announced that they will have all breed lure coursing!  The few times Magic has been able to play at lure coursing have been so much fun.  I sure hope we get some lure coursing close enough to MN to go do that.

I really appreciate how UKC realizes that some really odd people like myself, love doing stuff with our dogs that may not be the norm for the breed.  We have been having so much fun doing weight pulling, even though cardis are not generally thought of as a pulling breed. 

Heck, at the last couple of pulls, local small dogs have been incredible. We had a 7 pound pap pull 63 times his body weight, and just last weekend Toby the Strong, a chinese crested pulled 117 times his body weight at the pull in Michigan.  Simply amazing.


Janet said...

HOW COOL!!!!!!

Going straight to UKC site to see if there are any planned in southeast.

Jules said...

Very cool! I think it is safe to say Bug would LOVE lure coursing. I might have to try it out if they offer it up here.

dreameyce said...

A friend of mine was there to watch Toby and told me about it... what a sight!!!

I wish we had more UKC events here. I'm tempted next year to go to some of the CO and TX UKC events with a friend of mine. There's only about 4 local UKC events in the NW :(

We have a local lure coursing club that allows all breeds to practice, but they don't have a venue to be titled in. A friend with Sibes has some awesome lurers! I need to see how my pups do on lures, I've never tried it, mainly because we keep rats and ducks so I've not wanted to boost the 'chase' drive in puppies.