Friday, May 14, 2010

Front Crosses, and rear confusion

Ok we are doing OK on our front crosses. not so on the rear ones.  I can't seem to get my head wrapped around the difference, when I stop and think about it.  But if I just go do what feels right, we do well.  What I mean is if you ask me to show you a rear cross I am going to stare at you dumbly. But if you say, send her aound that cone from here with her on your left(or right), we get it.  LOL  But dont ask me to show you a cross because I will just stand there like a squirrell in the middle of the road trying to decide what to do...

What I learned last night though is I really have to get in the habit of supporting Grace more. She is trying to read my body language and if I drop my hand she is going to come back to me.   That is if I can keep her connected in the first place.  Last night she was really sniffy and not interested in focusing with me.

Tonight Magic and I have our class. He hasnt limped for over a week, so we will try class, but we may limit our involvement just a bit.   He has been on limited activity, trying to make sur ehe has adequate heal ing time so he will be happy to be out and about I am sure.


M.T. said...

When i started doing agility and front crosses, i was such a big klutz with it and it took me FOREVER to get the (seemingly, ha) simple concept of what a front cross was and when to use it. Then, when it had become like second nature to me i got so stuck on always getting my front crosses right that when asked to do a rear cross i just drew blanks and stood and stumbled like a dithering idiot, lol. I'm way better now but it took me a while, so, i know how you feel!

Red Dog Mom said...

Grace is new to this and you are going to have to support her. Let me guess, Magic is an easy dog to handle, right? Sam was that way too - a Velcro dog that I could cue at the last possible second, and sometimes after it, and he would save my butt. Moira is different, she needs to know what we are doing and where we are going WAY in advance. She also shuts down if I drill too much. If there's nothing in it for her (cookies, happy talk, etc) there's no sense in being there.