Monday, May 24, 2010

The heat of May

Yesterday 90. Freakin 90. Today again, expecting 90.  I really do not care for 90. Oh yeah its humid too.  Right now its 78 degrees, not bad but the dewpoint is 79 so its rather muggy. UCK.

But other than that it was a weekend so no complaints.  Saturday I did stuff around the house as it was rainy until midday. Yesterday we had shopping to do, and we were able to stop over and visit one of the pups, Timmy. The girls and Timmy ran and played for a while, but it was pretty hot, so they also hung out and visited a bit.  Then we had weight pull practice.  I am SO thankful for Barb allowing us to use her air conditioned warehouse for weight pull practice!  Peace is still really uncertain about the whole idea of this. She will do it, but she is not pleased.  Siren was rather lazy yesterday, and not too eager either.  it is possible that both girls were just getting tired by then though as they had been outside playing with Timmy prior to the pull. Grace did much better yesterday.  She started off giving me the paw, but after one run where she got a pretty stern leash correction she pulled.  The funny thing is, even when she was giving me the paw, her tail never stopped wagging. She wags the whole time she pulls, so I think she really rather likes playing with Mom. Such a funny girl! One of the pullers was taking pictures and in every shot of Grace her tail is a blur. 

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Red Dog Mom said...

She got grandpa's tail. I can't wait to see his Natl photo - he nearly took out the greenery that was positioned by his tail.