Friday, May 21, 2010

Grace and agility

Last night Grace and I went to her agility lesson.  She is such a funny dog. Last week she was real sniffy and not so interested in working. She did not want to stop at her targets for anything. Last night though, the only sniffy wander off moments were when she wasnt being asked to work. Like when I was getting instruction or we were setting up.  She was so much more focused on doing stuff.  She likes the doing stuff part alot!

I think the difference in the weeks is what we were working on.  Last week we were more focused on just driving to a target.  Could it be that she just thinks that is too boring?  Last night we were going out through hoops to a target, and starting to weave to a target and all night she was much better at actually stopping at the target and not just blowing by it.

She is interesting to work with I will say that, and she definately has character.


Jules said...

Oh neat! I think you are going to have a lot of fun with her. It is amazing how different all our dogs are.

penni said...

I think the Cardis pick and choose the obstacles in which they will be interested. Grace will give you a run for your money I suspect.

Red Dog Mom said...

Did you change rewards this week? Ra had class last night too and I used a different treat as a reward. I got a lot more interest in the new treat. I also put her up between runs so she knew when she came out it was to work.