Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 girls in season

All three of my girls are in season.  Peace is nearing the end, Siren is in the middle and Grace is just starting.  My 2 neutered boys are both becoming humping champions.  Its making me crazy. The funny thing is that my yard must positively reek of GIRL!  We had 2 loose male dogs appear just outside our yard yesterday alone. I know where the one lives- a very pretty Akita who walks by regularly.(A really nice dog)  He got away from his Dad during thier evening walk last night and hightailed it right to our house, dragging his leash.  His owner laughed when I told him why he was suddenly making 53 pee stops along our short little fence. The other male - not sure where he came from, or where he went.  He was hanging around when I went to bed, but gone this morning.  I tried to catch him, as I hate to see loose dogs in the city, but he wasnt having anything to do with me. 

Fortunately we never have our dogs outside unsupervised. Even in the cold, we are always right there, so I dont feel like I have to worry about any unplanned pregnacies-even though both the brindle girls are really being hussies these days.

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StubbyDog said...

Oh goodness! Hope you don't go crazy LOL.