Monday, January 4, 2010

thinking again darn it

So I am at the dentist this morning, trying to ignore what they are doing, and I start thinking about the dogs.  I am so glad I went to play agility yesterday, it really gave me a lot to think about.  It confirmed that I definately need to get Graciegirl into the foundations class.  I need to find a way to really get her to retain her focus on me.  She has really good attention, very sporadically.  But like a kidlet with ADD she often goes off into Gracieland.  And apparently there is a lot of things much more fun than listening to mom in Gracieland. 

And I think maybe more foundation work will help me with better body language. Poor Magic he has to run with me and usually I dont know what I am doing so how is he supposed to?   Agility puts me out of my comfort zone, I do enjoy it, but its really hard for me. So maybe I will just back off of agility, and focus on obedience again.  And hope that by starting over with Grace I will get better and then be a better partner for both of them. But, pushing the comfort zone is good too, so not really sure all my thoughts resolved anything....

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k9krazy10 said...

You might try some clicker based attention training. It's by the far the best way I've used in 20 years. Hang in there, I have to go back and retrain several things myself this year.