Sunday, January 3, 2010

Run N Done

This afternoon Magic, Grace, Darryl and I went out to Michelles new agility center and played a little agility.  What  a nice place she has. Grace was a bit wild and a little unsure, but darn did she have fun. She never stopped smiling or wagging, exxcept the first time on the dog walk, she pretty much shook her way across, but she did it.  Magic was a really good boy too.  We worked on wait, weaves and the teeter and had a pretty good time, well except for the waiting part. That is not Magics favorite. When we went to leave though, we had a totally flat tire.  So the dogs also got to spend a couple of hours sitting in tires plus waiting for the tire repair.  Nto sure they were to excited about that, but they were very well behaved.  And although we probably would have been a bit more comfortable watching football at home, it was OK to do in the store. Fortunately it was just a broken seal on the tire, so minimal problem really.  And it wasnt nearly as cold as yesterday, so that was OK too.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

ooh i really want to go up there and play sometime soon :) Glad to hear the dogs did so well!

Ironically I also got a flat tire today. I blew it on the way home from the trial but luckily was close to home and had hubby get out the spare.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I'm sure the dogs didn't mind the extra hang-out time with you!