Thursday, January 21, 2010

Question for the seasoned breeders

Those of you with multiple intact girls, do you have difficulties with them?  I have 3 intact girls. so far I have not had any issues with top dog status or anything like that.  This is the first time that the girls all coming into season at the same time.  Peace started last week, Siren started yesterday and Grace looks like she could be coming in as well, although she hasn't started yet.  What has been your experience. The young girls will be 2 in May and Grace is 4. Any thoughts?

Another note I found interesting.  Grace has always been really clean with her cycles. You rarely if ever see any sign of blood with her.  Peace is a very girly girl  too, she keeps herself pretty clean also. Siren though, wow-her crate pad yesterday looked like she had been injured, blood smeared everywhere and little droplets across the floor.   Sure am glad I picked up the little panty at the show a couple of weeks ago! Although I have to admit Rinnie is none to pleased with it.


penni said...

Phoebe does almost no spotting/dripping. You would not know she was in season if you did not have a male. I've had other dogs that were self-contained battlefields. I don't think we can generalize about how they'll get along. If you have a pretty established pack order AND you are the pack leader, I'll bet everything will be fine.

Holly said...

When horomones rage on multiples, you could have problems. I usually separate the bitch(s)in season from each other to make sure that there is no confrontation. It is like having a bunch of women all together in full blown PMS.

I do think it interesting how some girls are very clean and others not. My puppy is in her first season now and she is a very messy bitch.

Winjammin' said...

We're not really a "seasoned breeder" by any means, but I can tell you how things go when our girls are in season.

We are fortunate in that none of our girls have messy seasons. I'm not sure if it's the girls themselves, or the "mothering girls" who do all the cleaning, but, lucky us, no murder scenes in our house.

As far as all the girls getting along, we rarely have a problem. We do know that we always have to separate Ruby and Emmy. They both are really bitchy and Emmy would give a queen bitch pause without trying....yes, she's THAT bad! But then again, we always have those two separated anyway, as they are both very high drive girls who just rub each other the wrong way. Everyone else basically rotates around those two.

The boys are another story. Good for us that Bear and Ransom seem to get along all the time, even when the girls are in season. We keep an eagle eye on both of them, but knock on wood, we've not had any problems. Phantom is always separated from them, and he likes it that way.

Our biggest issue is space. If there's plenty of space, everyone, and I mean everyone, can run together. We go to Cindy's and turn everyone loose in the yard together, and have never had a problem. In our small house, we figure discretion is the better part of valor and keep the kids separated.

Hope this helps and I do feel for you!