Saturday, January 23, 2010

350th post and todays UKC show

Holly (Visions Cardigans) will get her choice of either of these 2 quilted picture frames.  Holly requested green, so there is either the all green one, or the green and brown one.

The other one will be available as well.  We will have another random draw once I know which Holly prefers.

Today at the UKC show, Magic earned his first leg toward his URO2 rally title.  We also decided to go for broke and try open again as well.  Remember last time we ran open, Magic failed every exercise except the retrieve on the flat. Today, he only failed at the broad jump.  YEAH. His heeling was still not great, and it must get better, but his stays were perfect, his retreives were perfect. His DOR I had to second command the drop, but that was my fault as I only gave him the hand signal and I should have given both the verbal and the hand signal. So if we can just make heeling fun some day we might actualy earn that CDX.


Megan said...

Nice job Dawn and Magic! What an improvement for you two!

Crystal said...

CONGRATS! The URO2 leg is pretty cool, but I'm super excited about the success you had in open. And perfect stays? Color me impressed! :)

penni said...

So glad you decuded to go ahead and enter. Great job in Open and in the Rally division.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

congratulations!!! especially exciting about your work in open!

Jules said...


The wall hangings are beautiful.

Holly said...

Oh Dawn! You are so talented!!! THANK YOU again! We will take the one with green & brown. It will be perfect in my livingroom!!!!


Congrats on Magic's rally leg.