Thursday, October 1, 2009

training with Grace

Sit - check
Down - check
Sit - what? I just laid down.
Grace Sit. Grumble
Grace Sit, mom reaches down and helps her back to sit. Whew that was easy, you should do that for me all the time!

Grace heel- check
Stop, no grace come back, Grace  da.. oh good girl.
heel- check
front.... well ok, but a bit crooked
Grace heel (left)   good gi.. no grace come back here...Grace GRACE!  good come.
lets go in hte house, Moms pooped.


penni said...

She's got a mind of her own. If she wasn't so cute . . .

Traci said...

ROFL! :)

Garrett808 said...

oh gosh. poor gracey LOL

good luck at the show this weekend! I'm hoping to hear back about a new CHAMPION!!