Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crochet Along

I want to be sure you all know how nuts I am.  I started another project. Another one. Nuts I know.  I have blogged in the past about some of the things, the socks (stalled because I am nervous about the next step), the quilt (haven't gotten that back out lately), the new block of the month quilt I just started in September with my mom, and now I started a crochet afghan.  Its a crochet - along project on the Lion Yarn blog.  I have never been fond of granny squares, but this one is hexagons, so my goofy brain decided it was OK. Being a quilter, I have a hexagon quilt in the works, a grannys flower garden. This afghan will be a play on that.
And I am finding that I really like doing the hexagons.  I can complete one and see progress pretty quickly. And, unlike knitting, I can crochet and watch football, or anything else! I finished 5 hexes during the Vikings/Packers game last night!  I even did a couple at the dog show.    I hope to be posting my progress weekly.

PS- GO TWINS!  I have to work late tonight, and will be working during the entire game which is just blocks away from the office. I am hoping that the Twins can have as successful of a game today as the Vikings did last night. 

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